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Fire Mitigation

Site Plan Review (SPR) Boulder County
We can help you develop a Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP). Please see our Fire Mitigation information regarding topography and fire barriers. A plan to address the County's requirements for your defensible zones, emergency vehicle access and water supply for fire fighting can be developed. If you need maintenance on your property to continue to meet these specifications, let us know, we will take care of it for you. Insurance companies are starting to require mititgation work to be done around homes, we can help you with this.
You can view Boulder County's Site Plan information by clicking here.

The minimum standards for emergency vehicle access along your driveway is clearance to 13'6" overhead and 12' wide. Take a good look at your driveway and make sure it always meets this standard. Creating this standard is done by clearing tree branches and trees along the driveway to meet the Driveway Access Emergency Vehicles standards for Boulder County. Meeting this standard and having the forest thinned and limbed up along your driveway is a great invitation for the fire department to come to your house. Since we have extensive experience in fire mitigation and defending homes against wildfires, we will work with the homeowner to create the best plan for access to your home.

To view more information from Boulder County, please visit their website to view: Wildfire Mitigation Informational Handouts & Forms

Wood material
Larger diameter wood can be cut into firewood lengths and used by the homeowner or removed from the property. We will go over options with you and figure out the best plan for your property.

Burning Slash Slash
There are 4 methods of dealing with the small diameter branches known as slash that occurs when we are limbing, (limbing is removing the lower branches on a tree) and cutting. These methods include: Chipping, piling and burning, lop and scatter, and removal. We can take care of slash by three of these techniques for you. We do not believe that lop and scatter is a viable techinque in our climate. The material does not rot quick enough and poses a fire hazard for 10 to 20 years. This technique can work if the amount of material is limited to a very small quantity of branches in open areas. We will discuss options with you and costs to remove slash.

Chipping is where smaller diameter branches are fed into a special machine that cuts the material up into small diameter pieces of wood, (chips). The chips can then be hauled away or kept on location. The chips do not pose a fire hazard unless the chips are piled thicker than 4". Chips piled thicker than 4" can spontaniously combust. Our expertise in this area will make sure that the chipping is done correctly.

Piling and burning
Piling and burning slash is often the most economical way to remove slash. Because we are professional wildland fire fighters, we can use this technique. We will pile the slash in areas where it can be burned, help you with a burn permit and then return when conditions are the best for burning the slash and assist with the burn. To minimize labor/costs for you, we will teach you what needs to be done and assist you with pile burning as much as you need.

Removal and hauling of Slash
This technique is simply disposing of slash in dumpsters, landfills, etc. We can haul slash off your property.

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